Episode #13 (Critique of Labour anti-semitism & Tory Islamophobia)

Omar and Tom discuss the anti-semitism “crisis” which has enveloped the Labour Party in the last few months. Is there evidence of institutional racism in the party? What does the empirical evidence show us? What does Zionism mean for Palestinians? Parallels with the US and pro Palestinian politicians like Ilhan Omar? Tory Islamophobia Media coverage […]

Episode #12 (Brexit special – Will it be a General Election or 2nd referendum to break the impasse? What should Labour’s position be in any 2nd ref?)

Theresa May’s Brexit deal was soundly defeated, but what next? Omar and Tom discuss. What is more likely to break the impasse? A general election or a 2nd referendum? Will May get the necessary changes to her deal to win over hardline Tory Brexiteers and the DUP? Extension of Article 50 inevitable? Should Labour keep […]

Episode #06 (Interview with former soldier and author of “Soldier Box” Joe Glenton, Scottish Labour, The World’s Tallest Slide, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

In this week’s episode we talk to Joe Glenton, author of Soldier Box and the 1st British soldier of the Afghanistan war to publicly refuse a second tour. He went AWOL and left the country, but returned voluntarily to fight his case, with the military accusing him of desertion. We discuss the following issues with him: Part 1 […]

Episode #05 (Jewish Voice for Labour, Antisemitism, Balfour Declaration, Theatre Production – My Name Is Rachel Corrie)

In this week’s episode we talk to Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi from the new progressive Jewish organisation, Jewish Voice for Labour about the following issues: Part 1 The origins of Jewish Voice for Labour, the challenges it faces and the key aims for the organisation (http://www.jvl.org.uk). Antisemitism: A very real problem in our society but do false accusations […]

Episode #04 (Labour Conference 2017, The World Transformed, Labour Women’s Conference, Women in Politics)

In this week’s episode we welcome Sam Green, Labour activist and newly appointed Parliamentary Assistant to a Labour MP to discuss the following: Part 1 The Labour Conference in Brighton – Corbyn’s Speech. What were the main themes and was it a speech to inspire people? Media Reaction to Corbyn’s Speech. The World Transformed – […]