Welcome to the Life From The Left Podcast series brought to you by Omar Baggili and Tom Mellors. It’s a podcast for all those that feel, as we do, that we need to re-balance our society so that it operates in the interests of the average person on the street and not just the 1 percent.

In the first half of the show we look at progressive news in the UK and abroad and talk about any articles, documentaries or books which have grabbed our attention. In the second half we talk about the issues which affect many of us in 21st century Britain and discuss any plays, movies, TV shows or novels we’ve recently enjoyed.

Omar Baggili


We can and will create a better society and world with a progressive democratic socialist government both here and across the Atlantic. It may not feel like it’s round the corner right now, but the wheels of neoliberalism are screeching to a halt. So my advice…hang in there people!

I’m originally from Jordan, but have lived in the UK since the age of 3 and now in South London. Went to school in beautiful Slough. Picturesque bus station and dazzling flashing lights of a police van on Slough high street is a sight to behold.

Passion for progressive politics, indie/electro and 70s soul/funk/disco music, stand up comedy (Tim Key, James Acaster, Adam Buxton and Tony Law) and shaking my sweet behind on the dancefloor.

Interesting facts:

  • Had an amazing tennis double-handed backhand at the age of 14 (ranked number 8 in Buckinghamshire U14s and ball-boyed for “Tiger” Tim Henman).
  • Got pushed into a shopping trolley by Dermot O’Leary at the start of a Big Brother’s Little Brother episode. Confidence has never recovered since.
  • Played Anne Frank’s love interest (Peter) in a university course TV piece. Let’s just say, it wasn’t a springboard to bigger and better things in the acting world.

PS I love watermelon and hate mushrooms. Mushrooms belong in the forest with the forest people under bark and leaves.

Twitter: @OmarBaggili

Tom Mellors


A dual US-UK national, I grew up in the beautiful county of Wiltshire and moved to London a few years ago. After working in journalism for a couple years, I decided to try something different. For the past six months I’ve focused on writing plays and I’m about to start a MA in Screenwriting at London Film School.

Big fan of Bernie Sanders – I volunteered for the London campaign to help Bernie win the Democratic nomination in 2016. Since then, I’ve also volunteered for Labour, especially during the 2017 election campaign.

I enjoy playing squash, cycling – it’s my primary mode of transport around London – and excursions out of the city. I cannot claim to have an amazing double-handed backhand. That would be a big fat lie.

Twitter: @tommellors