Episode #11 (Christmas special with Afghanistan veteran Joe Glenton. Talk Harry Leslie Smith, 2018 political highlights & predictions for 2019)

In this Christmas special we have author and Afghanistan veteran, Joe Glenton.

We talk about:

  • Harry Leslie Smith who Joe says was as a writer was a rare “powerful working class voice.”
  • Our 2018 political and non-political highlights.
  • The shady Integrity Initiative, recently exposed as a £2m govt funded “charity” through its parent company the Institute of Statecraft.
  • Brexit – Thoughts about a possible 2nd referendum & pitfalls the remain campaign should avoid if they want to win.
  • Tom’s venture into short films, starting with a movie set in Wiltshire, the birthplace of “magic Grandpa Corbyn.”
  • Our predictions for 2019.

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