Episode #08 (Interview and discussion with Jaq Berry, a Critical Care Nurse in the NHS about her role/working conditions, Private companies in the NHS with reference to Carillion and hopes for the future. Also, Tom’s recent visit to The Winnie the Pooh Exhibition at the V&A)

In our first podcast of 2018 we talk to Jaq Berry, a critical care nurse in the NHS about the following in Part 1:

  • What life is like as a critical care nurse and more widely as an NHS staff member during a time of crisis for our nation’s public healthcare service.
  • The knock on effect to our social care system. Does out social care system need to be moved into a collective ‘National Care Service’ together with the NHS under one umbrella?
  • The effect of creeping privatisation in our NHS. What does that ultimately mean for patients and staff?
  • Is Boris Johnson just posturing on his call for more money for the NHS?
  • Will Theresa May stay on as PM?

Part 2

  • Tom talks about his recent visit to The Winnie the Pooh exhibition at the V&A in London, plus;
  • What are our favourite cartoons from our childhood?


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