Episode #04 (Labour Conference 2017, The World Transformed, Labour Women’s Conference, Women in Politics)

In this week’s episode we welcome Sam Green, Labour activist and newly appointed Parliamentary Assistant to a Labour MP to discuss the following:

Part 1

  • The Labour Conference in Brighton – Corbyn’s Speech. What were the main themes and was it a speech to inspire people?
  • Media Reaction to Corbyn’s Speech.
  • The World Transformed – sister conference to the main event. Sam and Omar discuss their highlights.

Part 2

  • Sam’s take on the Labour Women’s Conference and also;
  • The role of women in politics – the challenges faced and ideas for making progress on this important issue.
  • And finally, we discuss how we can build on this conference and attract new support required to win at the next General Election.

*N.B. JVL (Jewish Voice for Labour) is open to both those that believe in a two state or one state solution in Israel/Palestine.

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