Episode #03 (EU Withdrawal, Public sector pay cap removal, Scandal of pub company ownership, Film – Best F(r)iends, Tiny Restaurant food servings)

Part 1

  • We discuss the implications of the EU Withdrawal Bill which was passed recently in  the UK parliament.
  • The public sector pay cap has been removed for police and prison officers, but why is it far from good news for these public servants?
  • Imagine being a pub landlord, taking over the lease of a run down English pub in south London, building it up into a well run, welcoming social space for your local community, only for your pub company that owns your establishment to hike up your rent by more than double? Do we need to re-evaluate the role of the pub in our communities? We hear ex-pub landlord Mark Dodds’ story, who was made bankrupt in 2011 thanks to his exploitative pub company’s demands.

Full interview with Mark Dodds can be listened to here: 

Part 2

  • Omar reviews his experience of meeting the legend that is Tommy Wiseau, filmmaker of the cult hit, The Room at the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Square, London. Wiseau reunites with Greg Sestero (actor in The Room and writer of the critically acclaimed book, The Disaster Artist) for the new comedy/thriller, Best F(r)iends.
  • And finally, it’s official…Tom Mellors calls war on the national scandal that is tiny plates of food in non-Michelin starred restaurants. Tom explains why.

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