Episode #10 (Where have we been?! Chill, we answer that irate question – plus we talk Labour and anti-Corbyn MPs going against party position on Budget & tax reforms)

We’ve been away for 6 months. What the hell have we been up to in that time? Tom and Omar reveal all. What’s behind some anti-Corbyn Labour MPs rebelling against Labour’s position on the Budget and tax reforms?   https://lifefromtheleftpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Episode-10.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

Episode #08 (Interview and discussion with Jaq Berry, a Critical Care Nurse in the NHS about her role/working conditions, Private companies in the NHS with reference to Carillion and hopes for the future. Also, Tom’s recent visit to The Winnie the Pooh Exhibition at the V&A)

In our first podcast of 2018 we talk to Jaq Berry, a critical care nurse in the NHS about the following in Part 1: What life is like as a critical care nurse and more widely as an NHS staff member during a time of crisis for our nation’s public healthcare service. The knock on […]

Episode #07 (Interview with Patricia Natalia Pino from progressive media outlet, The Pileus about ‘Modern Monetary Theory’ being a monetary reality for governments)

In our last episode before Christmas we chat to Patricia Natalia Pino, a contributor to the economics section of The Pileus, a progressive online news media outlet about the following: Background to The Pileus – challenges and opportunities that they and other new progressive news media outlets face. “If we’re going to have publicly funded media, […]

Episode #06 (Interview with former soldier and author of “Soldier Box” Joe Glenton, Scottish Labour, The World’s Tallest Slide, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

In this week’s episode we talk to Joe Glenton, author of Soldier Box and the 1st British soldier of the Afghanistan war to publicly refuse a second tour. He went AWOL and left the country, but returned voluntarily to fight his case, with the military accusing him of desertion. We discuss the following issues with him: Part 1 […]

Episode #05 (Jewish Voice for Labour, Antisemitism, Balfour Declaration, Theatre Production – My Name Is Rachel Corrie)

In this week’s episode we talk to Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi from the new progressive Jewish organisation, Jewish Voice for Labour about the following issues: Part 1 The origins of Jewish Voice for Labour, the challenges it faces and the key aims for the organisation (http://www.jvl.org.uk). Antisemitism: A very real problem in our society but do false accusations […]

Episode #04 (Labour Conference 2017, The World Transformed, Labour Women’s Conference, Women in Politics)

In this week’s episode we welcome Sam Green, Labour activist and newly appointed Parliamentary Assistant to a Labour MP to discuss the following: Part 1 The Labour Conference in Brighton – Corbyn’s Speech. What were the main themes and was it a speech to inspire people? Media Reaction to Corbyn’s Speech. The World Transformed – […]

Episode #03 (EU Withdrawal, Public sector pay cap removal, Scandal of pub company ownership, Film – Best F(r)iends, Tiny Restaurant food servings)

Part 1 We discuss the implications of the EU Withdrawal Bill which was passed recently in  the UK parliament. The public sector pay cap has been removed for police and prison officers, but why is it far from good news for these public servants? Imagine being a pub landlord, taking over the lease of a […]

Episode #02 (Charlottesville, Visit to Help Refugees in Calais, Chislehurst Caves, Funniest wedding stories)

In this week’s show we cover: Part 1 The events at Charlottesville and the subsequent political fallout before moving onto the horrific terrorist attack in Barcelona and asking is it possible to prevent such attacks? Tom’s recent visit to Calais where he volunteered for Help Refugees and hear his interview with Josh Hallam from the […]